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Dress Code Regulations House Policy

Club Callala promotes the responsible conduct and dress wear from all its members and guests. As a part of club membership, members and guests are required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear and adhere to the following dress regulations:

Not permitted at any time:

  • Bare feet
  • Swimwear or gym wear
  • Singlets, muscle shirts or sleeveless shirts
  • Short shorts on women
  • Headwear (unless for medical or religious reasons)
  • Dirty work clothes or shoes
  • T-shirts with obscene statements printed on them
  • Ripped or torn clothing is not permitted

We expect all members and guests to have:

  • Neat and tidy appearance
  • Foot wear to be worn at all times

Management reserves the right to determine dress standards. All management decisions are final.

Obscene or Offensive language will not be tolerated.
Continued use of obscene or offensive language could result in you being asked to leave.